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Published12 September 2022at16:29, updated on11 January 2023at14:41

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The Penetration Tester job is to ensure the security of computer networks and applications (back end of a site, applications, etc.) against cyberattacks.

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Penetration Tester: the job

But, that is the role of the Penetration Tester?

Checking the reliability of websites

As the name suggests, the Penetration Tester performs tests with controlled intrusions into the company’s IT systems. In other words, the goal is to find any vulnerabilities.

Resolving vulnerabilities

After the testing phase, the Penetration Tester must find and implement solutions to resolve the vulnerabilities. He or she must then strengthen and optimize application security.

Giving advice

The Penetration Tester also has an advisory role. This is to say, they must anticipate threats, implement best practices and recommend some more effective protection tools. He or she must also be on the lookout for any cyber threats that may occur in the future.

Required skills of the Penetration Tester

Mastering programming

The Penetration Tester needs to have technical skills and knowledge of programming languages and web programming, cryptography, encryption systems, network security auditing, Python, C/C++, Java, and PHP.

Communication skills

Must tell site designers where the flaws are, so must be pedagogical and communicate well with developers and technical teams. Must be able to clearly explain problems to best handle them.

Perform tests quickly

When an intrusion occurs or a security issue is identified in an IT system, it needs to be fixed quickly. A poorly protected system can be devastating to the business. It must therefore be responsive and cool.


It is possible for a Penetration Tester to progress to a position as an intrusion manager or any other position with cybersecurity responsibilities. Their work is crucial in the cyber sector since cyberattacks are becoming increasingly common in our society.


The average daily rate of a Penetration Tester is usually between 300 and 600 euros.

Education and training

In conclusion, to become a Penetration Tester, it is best to have a bachelor’s degree in engineering or a master’s degree in computer science with a specialization in cybersecurity.

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