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What is the job of a Validation Engineer? Learn more about the duties, skills, training and salary as a freelance and permanent position. 

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Validation Engineer: the job

The Validation Engineer’s job is to verify the conformity of the product (software, equipment, system) with the original specifications and official standards. In the case of software or an application, the validation engineer must validate them completely before they are launched in client environments.

This professional may work for a manufacturer, an operator, a service company, etc. He or she reports to the design department or the technical department and is not part of the development team.

The Validation Engineer occupies a central position between development, documentation, integration, and quality. Therefore, it is important that he/she has good interpersonal skills. This engineer can intervene at the customer site to set up testing. But also at national and international standardization institutes.

Among their main missions, Validation Engineers must comprehensively review product specifications. Then they establish a validation and qualification plan, writing specifications for scenarios and tests and designing tests and test tools corresponding to all points of the specifications to be validated.

Then, the Validation Engineer performs testing, running trials until the product is satisfactory according to the imposed testing standards. Finally, they identify problems, make changes, and test corrections. In addition, they must prepare a validation report and possibly a product dossier for the certification application.

Required skilled of the Validation Engineer

It is essential that the validation engineer has general and specific knowledge of the technical field. They must also have a perfect command of validation methods.

In addition to technical skills, the validation engineer must be open-minded and have a global vision of the product. It is also very important that this professional has a sense of rigor and organization and that he/she attaches importance to the respect of methods.

On the other hand, he/she must have a logical mind and a sense of criticism so as to always put himself/herself in the place of the final user and to guess his/her point of view. Good interpersonal skills and writing skills are also required for this position.


The salary of a validation engineer varies according to the experience of the consultant, the scope of the position, and the size of the company.

For a beginner, the salary of a validation engineer will be around 30k€ per year. With experience, they can expect to earn between 30 and 40 k€, or even 45 k€.

As for the freelance, it varies from 300 to 700 €/day.

Education and training

To become a Validation Engineer, it is necessary to have an engineering degree or a professional master’s degree. It is also possible to become a validation engineer after having gained experience in the field of software development. During his or her career, this professional can evolve in the development, project management, quality, and methods departments.

After a few years of experience, this professional will also be able to claim the position of the project manager or method manager. Moreover, depending on the skills they have acquired, they may also work as consultants.

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