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Published05 September 2022at13:22, updated on11 January 2023at15:04

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The Big Data engineer job consists of developing, maintaining, testing, and evaluating Big Data solutions. They create large-scale data processing systems. They are also experts in data warehousing solutions and database technologies.

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Big Data Engineer: the Job

Big Data, or the processing and analysis of massive data, has become a real phenomenon in our hyper-connected societies, where the volume of information exchanged is increasing exponentially. This has led to the emergence of a new high-tech profession: the Big Data engineer.

What kinds of assignments does a Big Data Engineer perform?

Adding value to a company’s data

To do this, the Big Data Engineer needs to analyze hundreds of millions of data using highly specialized software and classify the information collected according to the company’s needs and requirements.

Designing and implementing appropriate architecture and solutions

The Big Data Engineer also designs solutions for processing large volumes of data pipelines, which must be sufficiently secure and readable.

Implementing algorithms and technical tests, and monitoring the results

This professional must also test his/her designs and monitor the results. They must optimize the processing and revise the codes if necessary. Moreover, they must constantly update themselves on the technologies and languages is use.

Required skills of the Big Data Engineer

Excellent technical skills

The Big Data Engineer must have a good command of the technologies used by the company, and of digital data systems. He/she also needs to be proficient in technical English and advanced mathematics. In addition, development skills such as Java or Python are greatly appreciated.

Development Infrastructure skills

This professional must be familiar with frameworks such as Hadoop, Hive, Spark, Storm or Pig. He/she must also know how to use MongoDB or Cassandra tools.

Communication skills

These skills are invaluable for reporting. He/she must also be able to work in a team and often be flexible.


As Big Data is a rapidly expanding sector, companies are increasingly looking for this type of profile. Among them, are all types of structures: startups or large groups in the finance, telecommunications, marketing sectors, etc.

Generally, this professional is integrated into the R&D department, the Data Science division, or within a dedicated Big Data department.


The average daily rate for a Big Data Engineer is between 500 and 800€.

Big Data Engineer: Training and Education

In conclusion, to become a Big Data Engineer, it is necessary to have a Bac +5 in Computer Engineering School with a Master’s degree in Big Data. It is also possible to qualify for this profession after a Doctorate (Bac +8) with a specialization in statistics.

After a few years of experience, the Big Data engineer can progress to the position of IT Director.

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