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Solution Architect: Job description cover

The Solution Architect job is to design, explain and implement solutions adapted to the company’s specific problems. He or she also builds complex offerings and advises clients on the transformation of information systems. They must study technical feasibility and risks before proposing solutions.

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Solution Architect: the job

In a constantly changing technological environment, companies must ensure that their information systems are updated to meet new requirements. This digital transformation requires thus specific skills and practices to keep the company at the forefront of technology

So, what ae the Solutions Architect’s tasks?

Analyzing the project environment and its challenges

The Solution Architect manages the entire project and takes care of solution costs. He or she also manages the development team.

Define a solution path suitable for the company

Typically, companies have their specific information systems, information context, and integration requirements. The Solutions Architect must therefore ensure to propose a system that meets the company’s expectations.

Respect for constraints

Each solution is built using specific tools and implementations that can generate significant costs. The Solutions Architect must therefore know how to optimize the budget assigned to the project, considering the technological and management constraints.

Required skills of the Solution Architect

Excellent technical knowledge

Like the SAP FICO consultant, the Solutions Architects must have excellent technical knowledge in their field. In order to offer the best possible analysis, the Solutions Architect must know everything about operating systems, database management systems, or network equipment.

Specific skills may be required in portals, CMS, multi-channel, BPM, service architecture (SOA), etc.

Analytical skills and a systemic vision of information systems

Designing a solution requires knowledge of the articulation of the different components of the company. The Solutions Architect must therefore understand the company’s strategy and its business model in order to assimilate the objectives.

They must also analyze the technological functioning of the company to identify the means to implement to bring the project to a successful conclusion.

A strong ability to present ideas

Communication skills are essential for the Solutions Architect, who will be negotiating with different stakeholders in the business to understand their needs and analyze risks.

This position involves working with IT engineers, business analysts, and project groups. The Solutions Architect must therefore be able to listen, advise and explain.

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Whether it is supporting a digital transformation project, finding a solution that fits the business ecosystem, or preventing information system risks, more and more companies are turning to a Solutions Architect.

A well-designed solution helps the team realize a project on time and on budget, and guarantees a concrete answer to a problem.

The Solutions Architect can work as a sector specialist in a large company or as an external consultant, on their own, or for an ESN (digital service company).


The average daily rate for an Operations Analyst is between €500 and €900, which is similar to the daily rate for a Storage and Backup Engineer.

Training and education

To become a Solutions Architect, the most common training is a 5-year degree in engineering (networks and IT) or a Master’s degree in networks, telecoms, and IT.

To conclude, the job of Solutions Architects is accessible to experienced managers with skills acquired in project management. A minimum of 8 years of professional experience in the IT field is generally required.

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