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Certainly, artificial intelligence (AI) is already part of our daily lives (personal assistants, smartphones with facial recognition, etc.) and it is becoming increasingly important in the business world, with numerous technological applications (chatbots, maintenance of installations, etc.). In this AI expert job description you will find everything you need to know about the AI expert job, required skilled, training, education, and salary expectations.

AI expert: the job

What is the role of the artificial intelligence expert?

The main task of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Expert is to design computer programs capable of performing tasks similar to those performed by a human being. Both a researcher and a computer scientist, an AI expert can work in a wide range of fields.

Keeping a constant watch

The mission of the artificial intelligence expert is to solve complex problems. Research and analysis are therefore at the heart of the job. The AI expert must possess very advanced computer skills, as his or her expertise is constantly sought in the development of artificial intelligence projects. Since AI is still a relatively new field of expertise, the AI expert must constantly keep abreast of technological developments.

Understanding and analyzing problems

Since the role of the AI expert is to create software that mimics human reasoning, the expert must be able to analyze the human brain in relation to a problem and thus develop intuitive human-machine interfaces.

Developing and designing solutions

The AI expert can work on extremely diverse and varied projects. His or her day-to-day tasks are generally algorithm design, error checking, and programming.

Required skills of the AI expert

Strong technical skills

The job of Artificial Intelligence Expert requires advanced technical skills because AI-based applications cross many technologies (web crawling, data mining, data science, machine learning, deep learning, etc.).

Strength of proposal, and ability to listen

As far as soft skills are concerned, the AI Expert must show a strong spirit of initiative, interpersonal skills, and good listening skills. Since these qualities will enable him/her to carry out his/her projects successfully, communicate with all stakeholders, and call on external experts.

Ability to work in a team

To conclude, research in Artificial Intelligence is definitely not a solitary job. In fact, the AI Expert will have to work with various experts and will have to know how to federate these experts and listen to their advice to make progress in his research.

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Expertise in Artificial Intelligence is very rare and therefore highly sought after. As a researcher and computer scientist, the AI Expert is highly qualified and can work in different fields of activity. Such as in ESN, in industrial companies, in research laboratories…


The average daily rate of an Artificial Intelligence Expert is between 700 and 1500€.

Training and education

To become an Artificial Intelligence Expert, you need to have a 5-year degree. You can enter this profession by having studied mathematics or computer science. However, you will need to continue your education and obtain a master’s degree or an engineering diploma. A specialized master’s degree or even a doctorate.

After years of research and a lot of work, an AI expert can easily move on to new projects and join innovative start-ups in R&D, large companies, or research centers.

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