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Technical expert: Job description cover

The technical expert is generally a specialist who not only assists and controls but also informs and advises. He or she can particularly be involved in a project as a whole or in part. Here is everything you need to know about the technical expert job, the skills, education and training., career and salary expectations.

Technical expert: the job

Definition of the technical architecture

Always in accordance with the client’s strategy, the technical experts must analyze the company’s needs to implement the best possible solution to improve the business process. To do so, they will have to carry out internal audits to analyze the existing tools and possibly replace them with more efficient solutions.

They will then have to adapt the products in place to perfectly match the company’s structure. This phase will enable the solutions put in place to be tested to adapt them as much as possible to the company’s needs.

Training of the team

This phase is essential as it consists of training future users about the new product. The expert will assist in the deployment of the new products in order to provide maximum support to the new users.

Monitor and test the implemented tools

The technical expert must set up permanent tests to check the correct functioning of the elements that he/she has installed. In the event of a malfunction, it is important to be able to intervene quickly by analyzing and understanding the cause of the breakdown. As a problem can happen quickly, it is crucial to implement solutions to solve the problem.

Solving complex situations

The expert will have to explore all kinds of dysfunctions and propose a procedure to solve these complex problems. Of course, this procedure will have to be deployed in the company so that everyone can access it.

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Required skills of the Technical expert

Technical skills

The technical expert must have an excellent command of the technical solutions that fall within his or her field of competence. But it is also valuable to have a more general knowledge of properly technical solutions, such as a good understanding of one’s client’s field of activity.

Knowledge of English

Good knowledge of English is also important for understanding software documentation. In fact, much software is translated into English. The technical expert can attend training sessions in English on certain tools.

Listening, curiosity, rigor

The expert must be able to listen to the customers to respond as much as possible to their needs. Then, curiosity is essential to constantly seek new technical developments. Moreover, rigor seems indispensable. Indeed, to remain competitive, they must thoroughly assess the company’s needs to respond to them as best they can.

Self-education and versatility

The technical expert is a constantly evolving profession. In fact, always on the lookout for new technologies, the technical expert is in constant training to remain competitive. Versatility is also predominant in this profession. The expert must solve technical problems and train future users of the tools in-house.

Be a good teacher

Finally, he or she must be a good teacher in order to train future users of the tools that he or she will have put in place within the company. This training is provided both internally and externally.

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Internally, the technical expert is in contact with the technical consultants, the support manager, the designers, and developers, and the product managers. Externally, he/she works with service providers, the client, the IT department, and suppliers. They are also in constant contact with future users.

Careers and Salary

Before working as a technical expert, it is preferable to have at least three years of experience in professions such as design and development engineer or IT project manager.
It will be possible for the technical expert to progress to the professions of business engineer, project manager, or technical director.

The average daily rate will be between €550 and €700.

Training and education

It is possible to become a technical expert after obtaining a Bac+2 (DUT or IUT) but also with a Bac+5 (Engineering school, Master). It is then possible to train in a more specialized field. Finally, a doctorate may also lead to technical expert job.

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