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The term Scrum comes from rugby. The job of Scrum Master is similar to the position of scrum half. The Scrum Master is responsible for pushing the others in the right direction by promoting team unity and communicating with the outside world, especially management. The Scrum Master therefore acts as a guide to help and facilitate the work of the team, with a view to improvement and adaptation.

Scrum Master: the job

Implementation of the Scrum method

The Scrum Master is responsible for ensuring that the Scrum method is implemented correctly throughout his assignment with a client. Scrum is an agile method dedicated to project management which allows to improve the productivity of a team. It corresponds to an organisation in which a team focuses on customer feedback with regard to 3 pillars. Transparency, control and adaptation.

Training of the team

One of the roles of the Scrum Master is to ensure that the Scrum method is applied by his team throughout the mission. To do this, he is in charge of transmitting the essential principles of the method. He also ensures that communication, productivity, and the transmission of information to the people concerned are easy within his team.

Analysis of obstacles and problem management

He is also responsible for analysing any obstacles that could divert the team from the objectives to be achieved or slow them down in their work. He must also identify and provide solutions to the various problems that may arise during the mission.

Drafting of progress reports

Writing progress reports such as burndown charts or burnups and communicating with the customer or management are also part of a Scrum master’s job.

Scrum Master: skills required

Mastery of the Method

The mastery of the Scrum agile method is of course the main skill to have. He must be able to ensure its good practice during his mission.

Humility and empathy

He must see himself as an equal to the members of his team. Because, he has no hierarchical responsibility over the team members. He should be able to guide the team members but not impose himself. Everyone must be able to participate in the decisions.

Pedagogy and communication skills

In order to facilitate the work of all the members of his team during the mission, the scrum master must develop a good sense of communication and demonstrate pedagogy. In fact, in order to ensure that the mission is carried out correctly, he must be able to communicate, listen and motivate each member of the team.

Technical knowledge

For a Scrum Master, perfect knowledge of the application domain or technical expertise are not necessary skills. However, having knowledge of one and/or the other will make his role easier to fulfil. Indeed, he will be able to dialogue more easily with the technical team.

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A typical Scrum team is usually composed of 6 to 10 people. But only the Scrum Master is responsible for the application of the Scrum method. He is an integral part of the team and can occasionally participate in the work, such as the content of the sprints, with the rest of the members of his team. However, his or her involvement should be limited, as coordination, internal communication, analysis and problem solving is a role that the Scrum Master must perform full time.

Digital service companies and web agencies that handle projects for clients using agile methods are the main employers of Scrum Masters.


The average daily rate of a Scrum Master is 410 € – 620 € depending on the experience and the company in which the Scrum Master’s mission takes place.

He can also progress to positions such as Product Owner or Project Manager.

Training and education

This profession requires above all the mastery of Scrum on a theoretical and practical level. To do this, this professional generally follows an in-depth and structured training course on Scrum which ideally leads to a Scrum master certification.

Good technical knowledge will enable him to integrate and interact with his team members. It is therefore interesting for a Scrum Master to have a background in IT / Computer Science.

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