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Agile Coach: Job Description cover

The Agile Coach is an agent of change for companies on the path to agility. It helps businesses transform over the long term. This professional trains and supports the various stakeholders of the company (Product Owner, Scrum Master, analysts, developers and testers), with the aim of bringing them to a common goal of agility. He leads, manages and animates organizational transformation projects through management and agile engineering practices.

The Agile Coach supports his interlocutors on best practices in defining needs, planning and development practices, pair programming, refactoring, etc. Overall, he ensures the progress of projects in all phases of the development cycle.

An agile transformation is a project that can be very complex for the company. A project that can end in failure for many reasons: management not very open to agile, change of direction and objectives … The Agile Coach must then know how to face the unforeseen and disappointments without losing his dynamism, and lead change.

Agile Coach: the job

Analyze the situation and propose an adapted organization

After having analyzed the existing organization, this professional must make the choice of the agile methods to use and determine the roles within the teams.

Offer different practices and different frameworks to the team who will make their choices

He should not impose his ideas but lead the teams to make their own choices. He offers his methods to the team, who may or may not be free to apply them. The goal is to achieve the best possible results, guiding the team to gain autonomy for the future.

Supporting the entire company with change with fun workshops, training and excellent communication

The Agile Coach can support teams in groups or individually, with a real role of trainer. It must make things fun so that the transformation is accepted voluntarily by all stakeholders. These can be group training sessions, job specific training, or participatory workshops to easily assimilate agile methods to the team.

This professional is generally requested by large companies wishing to be supported in their agile transformation. However, it can very well support a person, a team or an organization.

Required Skills

A high sense of leadership

The Agile Coach trains teams in agile methods and teaches them this new culture. He must become a mentor to people who want to evolve to improve performance.

Great educational qualities

Very good at communicating, he must be a comfortable teacher trainer in his interactions. Moreover, he must know how to adapt to the different situations encountered and to the different interlocutors. He must be able to present the project, to convince and to bring the team in the same direction.

A good technical mastery

The job of Agile Coach requires knowledge of agile project management approaches (Scrum, Kaban) & V-Cycle, as well as technical environments and design / development frameworks.


The salary of an Agile Coach varies depending on his experience. Thus, the average daily rate of an Agile Coach is between 300 and 700 €.

Training and education of the Agile Coach

To become an Agile Coach, you generally need to have a bac +5 level as a State Engineer in IT Development or in quality management.
Ideally, experience as a developer, within an IT department or as a pilot of production teams is preferable.

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