10 of the Best Cybersecurity Experts in the Netherlands to Follow Online



Published28 April 2021at17:27, updated on27 April 2022at10:47

10 of the Best Cybersecurity Experts in the Netherlands to Follow Online cover

Information security only keeps gaining importance as more and more business-critical processes move to the cloud and hackers get more sophisticated. That’s why you should stay up-to-date with best practices, top threats and emerging trends — Here are 10 of the best cybersecurity experts in the Netherlands to follow on LinkedIn and Twitter. 

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10 of the Best Cybersecurity Experts in the Netherlands to Follow Online

Chantal Stekelenburg 

LinkedIn | Twitter 

Chantal is head of operations at continuous security platform Zerocopter and a co-founder and organiser of the Netherlands’ Women In Cybersecurity Community Association.  

Oscar Koeroo 

LinkedIn | Twitter 

Oscar works at Dutch telco KPN´s Chief Information Security Office leading the company’s government and external relations, especially as they relate to developing security strategy and policy.  

Sanne Maasakkers 

LinkedIn | Twitter 

Sanne is a cybersecurity expert and ethical hacker at security firm Fox-IT, where she works on Red Teaming assignments and hosts security awareness sessions about phishing and other threats. 

Astrid Oosenbrug 


Astrid is a former member of the Dutch parliament and co-founder of the Dutch Institute for Vulnerability Disclosure (DIVD). She’s a social IT entrepreneur and an advocate for LGBTI emancipation. 

Floor Terra 

LinkedIn | Twitter  

Floor is a senior privacy advisor at data protection services Privacy Company He specialises in high-impact projects combining technological and organisational solutions. 

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Joost Schellevis 


Joost is a tech editor at Dutch news organisation NOS. He writes about security and privacy issues and reports on the country’s latest cybersecurity news. 

Marjolijn Bonthuis 

LinkedIn | Twitter  

Marjolijn is deputy director at ECP, a public-private platform for the development of the information society. She is the winner of Women in Cyber Security (WiCS)’s 2016 Woman of the Year Award. 

Lodewijk van Zwieten 

LinkedIn | Twitter 

Lodewijk is a senior public prosecutor at the Dutch Public Prosecution Service specialising in combating cybercrime. He is also part of the supervisory board at the DIVD. 

Anna van der Leeuw 

LinkedIn | Twitter 

Anna is a privacy law expert at firm Allen & Overy, where she focuses on European Union regulations around ICT & Telecom, data protection and cybersecurity. 

Rickey Gevers 

LinkedIn | Twitter 

Rickey is a wildlife enthusiast who founded the nature photography and data platform Waarnemin.nl and the hacked passwords notification service Scattered Secrets.  

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